SRBMiner Version 1.6.5 Released

SRBMiner has released a new update to its software which adds a number of improvements including support for the new Cryptonight Red (Mox) algorithm. Version 1.6.5 allows users to benchmark their algo configuration while offline, without the need to connect to a mining pool.

In addition, all AMD cards can be switched to compute mode and crossfire can be turned off, all in a single command. The new version also reveals additional tweaks which should make things easier for miners:

  • Driver version data added to API
  • Miner is now only one executable file with no need for additional DLLs
  • Hashing speed similar for Blockchain drivers before version 1.6.2
  • When ‘giveup_limit’ set to 0, the miner quits if it can’t connect to mining pool

For those of you not in the know, the SRBMiner is a piece of software that’s used in conjunction with AMD GPU miners on the CryptoNight algorithm. It supports the following versions:

  • CryptoNight Alloy
  • CryptoNight ArtoCash
  • CryptoNight B2N
  • CryptoNight BitTubeV2
  • CryptoNight Classic
  • CryptoNight Haven
  • CryptoNight Heavy
  • Cryptonight Italo
  • CryptoNight Lite Classic
  • CryptoNight LiteV7
  • CryptoNight MarketCash
  • CryptoNight Masari (FAST)
  • Cryptonight Red (Mox)
  • CryptoNight StelliteV4
  • CryptoNight V7

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