Innosilicon Announce Record-Breaking ASIC

Innosilicon have announced that their Terminator SHA256 ASIC series have recently broke industry energy-efficiency records. Aimed at Bitcoin mining, the company’s flag-ship ASIC was developed using Samsung’s cutting-edge, low-power FinFet technology and draws just 75W/TH at the wall.

However, it seems that such low power consumption doesn’t sacrifice on performance with Innosilicon’s T2 Turbo boasting a 25 TH/s hash rate. According to a recent press release from the company, this offers a 30% improvement on the power consumption of rival ASIC miners and is thirty times more efficient than the best GPU miners.

Vice President of Samsung Electronic’s Foundry Marketing Team, Ryan Sanhgyun-Lee, was understandably enthused:

“We are very pleased to provide the upmost low-power solution to Smart Server through Innosilicon to ensure very competitive equipment life time…We believe that Innosilicon’s T2 Bitcoin mining ASIC, based on Samsung’s advanced low power FinFET process, will offer differentiated value to its customers with notable benefits of power efficiency and high-performance.”

Innosilicon ASIC miners are already used for cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Dash, Decred, Ethereum and Zcash. Its latest products, the T2-17 and T2-Turbo have already been released in Hong Kong, with demos soon to be available for China, Hong Kong, the USA and Canada.

For more information visit the official Innosilicon website.