Bitfury Releases ‘Unparalleled’ ASIC Miner

Blockchain specialists, Bitfury, launched a new ASIC mining chip on Wednesday, which it claims represents a ‘new generation of Bitcoin mining hardware’. Known as the Bitfury Clarke, the 14mn chip is customised for SHA256 mining and can execute up to 120 GH/s.

According to Bitfury, the Clarke ASIC ‘is unparalleled in performance and efficiency’, boasting a power efficiency rate as low as 55 mW/GH, while drawing just 0.3 volts. CEO, Valery Vavivov indicated that his company’s latest piece of kit is part of a wider initiative to create more power-efficient ASIC miners that can still offer the best ROI for big-budget crypto mining operations. Said Vavilov:

‘Bitfury is looking at all factors, including silicon packaging, chip efficiency, optimal power distribution, cooling designs and speed of development when designing our mining hardware. We think this will deliver the best ROI to our customers – regardless of ASIC size’

That the accompanying press release declares Bitfury to be ‘the first Bitcoin mining provider to include both a full datasheet and reference design’, speaks volumes about the ASIC mining sector, which is beset by murky practices.

The BitFury Group, which has offices in locations such as Amsterdam, Dubai, London, Tokyo and Washington DC, claims to be ‘the largest full-service blockchain technology company in the world’. Operating mining farms in the Republic of Georgia, Norway, Iceland and Canada, the company plans to deploy the new Clarke ASIC Chip in these facilities in the very near future.

The Bitfury Clarke ASIC may very well represent a step forward when it comes to high-end ASIC mining – it will certainly be interesting to see how it stacks up against Bitmain’s S9. Our advice is to wait and see.

Read the Official Press Release Here: