BitFury Releases New Bitcoin Mining Server

On Tuesday, BitFury announced the release of a new ‘enterprise-grade’ Bitcoin mining server which can offer up to 80 TH/s. The Dutch outfit’s new piece of kit is seen as a natural successor to their B8 which was released last December.

In keeping with the industry’s vaguely annoying convention of naming equipment after sci-fi movies/television shows, BitFury have called it the ‘Tardis’. And, according to the company website, it offers significant improvements over its predecessor.

To start with, the Tardis is equipped with the new Clarke ASIC mining chips which we reported on a couple of weeks back. It also features ‘multiple configurations’, which gives users the option to choose from five to eight hash-boards.

These hash-boards can also be replaced due to the Tardis’ upgradability, meaning that the Tardis can be adapted to meet new ASIC miner iterations. The server is controlled through a small LED screen with easy access to OrangePI functionality.

It’s pretty clear that the Tardis is something of an over-achiever when it comes to power-efficiency as well. The ‘enterprise-grade’ (powerful but expensive) server is said to offer a PE rate as low as 55 millijoules per gigahash (mJ/GH).

Said BitFury CEO, Valero Vavilov:

“The Bitfury Tardis is another key facet in the evolution of our hardware portfolio, reflecting our efforts to provide more efficient, higher performing mining solutions. Building on the launch of our new Bitfury Clarke ASIC chip, the Bitfury Tardis will make mining solutions work better for our customers — in usability, efficiency and performance.”

Image sourced from BitFury