GPU Prices to be Slashed by 20%

With the recent dip in cryptocurrency values, it seems that the lofty prices slapped on graphics cards are set to fall quite dramatically in the coming months. This is according to a recent article in the DigiTimes which suggests that prices are set to drop by ‘around 20%’ in July 2018.

While many observers, particularly those working for establishment financial publications, will gleefully tell you that GPU crypto mining is dead, market volatility renders such forecasts somewhat premature.

They also fail to take into account the continued emergence of new cryptocurrencies, not to mention those currencies that can be effectively mined with GPUs such as Ethereum (for the time-being).

It’s certainly true that the value in digital assets have taken something of a slide recently, what with government legislation and the various crackdowns. It’s also the case that the dominance of larger mining operations, with their extensive use of ASIC miners, provide plenty of challenges for hobby miners when it comes to making a meaningful profit.

However, for amateur miners and those with small budgets, the GPU price reduction offers fresh opportunities for making decent returns. Despite what the naysayers posit, carefully planned GPU mining remains a viable option for solo miners in the near to medium term.

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