Asic Hardware

ASIC Miners

ASICs are the most powerful tools for mining cryptocurrencies, offering the highest hash rates while consuming less power than GPUs.

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Graphics Card

GPU Miners

Despite the emergence of ASICs and increased difficulty levels, GPU mining can still generate a decent profit with careful planning.

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Cloud Mining

Cloud Mining Services

Cloud-based cryptocurrency mining is becoming an increasingly popular method of extracting profit from blockchain verification.

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Best Cryptocurrencies to Mine

Discover the most effective methods of mining some of the latest crypto currencies as we consider their hashing algorithms, difficulty rates and value.

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Calculating Profitability

How do you calculate profitability? Here, we look at important things to consider like block reward, hash rates, power consumption and hardware costs.

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Cryptomining Software

Mining Software

Software is essential for crypto mining. Read on as we provide detailed information about the most highly-rated types of mining software.

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Crypto Mining Guide (CMG)

HashFlareLearn about cryptocurrency mining and get the low-down on the latest, most profitable mining methods. We provide insight into the entire process, offering advice and help in the following areas:

What is Crypto Mining?

Despite the emergence of crypto mining, it remains an enigma for many people. So we try to decode the process by considering the fundamental principles that govern it such as blockchains, hash algorithms, ICOs and cryptography.


These days, ASICs are the tools of choice when it comes to mining for digital currencies. Nevertheless, for amateur and solo miners, GPUs and even CPUs can be used to generate decent returns. With this in mind we cover the latest ASICs, GPUs and CPUs, providing details of their specifications, pros/cons and where they can be purchased


Software is crucial to the entire crypto currency mining process but can be a rather convoluted area. As well as crypto wallets, there’s the actual mining software, of which each comprises a different UI as well as unique compatibility requirements. Happily, we look at the major software packages, considering the advantages and disadvantages of every one as well as the hardware and currencies they support.


More and more people are turning to services such as cloud mining and mining pools. This is an area of great potential which offers a sound alternative for those looking to avoid the often exorbitant costs attached to electricity usage and hardware. With that said, it’s a sector that’s also inhabited by scam artists and disreputable people looking to make money off whoever they can. To help you navigate what can prove rather treacherous waters, our mining services section includes unbiased reviews of trusted cloud and pool mining companies.


Stay in the loop about the very latest product releases and industry developments via our crypto mining blog.